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Why Clients Hire Tom

After working with my Dad for years, and doing everything from roofing to framing million-dollar homes while working for other contractors, I decided it was time to be my own boss.

My first project as a new contractor was to relocate and completely rehab a huge historic Italianate house fondly nicknamed “The Ruin.” I escorted that decaying grand lady off the hill where she’d been built, down the highway, and then down a gravel road to her new home on a lovely secluded lot several miles away.

Once there, she was settled onto the basement foundation we’d created for her, and my crew and I restored her to a state no one could call “ruinous.”

Since then I’ve rehabbed other historical homes (one project won XXXXXXXX) and built many new homes as well.

In the last decade, shifts in the housing market have made upgrading more attractive than buying or building a new home. And most of my clients tell me really don’t want to move, they just want their home to be bigger, prettier, or more comfortable.

Re-construction lets my clients stay in the home they’ve grown to love, without putting up with the things that they don’t love about it.

Clients usually come to me because something isn’t working for them. It might not be broken exactly, but it isn’t supporting their lifestyle, or they get a little depressed every time they look at it because it just isn’t attractive anymore (if it ever was.)

Together we figure out how to reconstruct it, how to turn it into space they really want to live in.

Sometimes we’re creating a space that’s more appropriate for new members of the household, such as babies or older parents.

Sometimes we’re turning a bare spot in the lawn into an outdoor living room. (See Outdoor Spaces)

Sometimes it’s an ugly, wasted corner of the house that can be beautified and put to good use with a little imagination and talent. Or it’s a space that’s been heavily used for years, and is ready for a face-lift. (See Indoor Spaces)

Small spaces, or spaces that need to serve multiple purposes, are one of my special interests, as are ecologically friendly choices in building materials and techniques. Having helped with my father’s care in the final stages of Parkinson’s, I’ve become deeply interested in building choices that allow my clients with limited mobility to stay in their homes longer. Many of my clients, while not at that point yet, have been surprised at the attractive alternatives for changes they were already going to make, that will support them even if they reach the age where they can’t do things as easily as they can now. (See Sustainable Spaces)

Style is always as important as function to my clients – they want their reconstructed space to feel new and beautiful, but they also want it to fit in with the rest of their home and with their own personal style.

So each new client is an opportunity for me to explore new materials and aesthetic choices that will be beautiful, stay beautiful, and serve the function required of them.

All in all, my clients hire me to create living spaces that increase the function, beauty, and value of their home.

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Indoor Spaces

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Indoor Spaces

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Sustainable Spaces

Sustainable Spaces

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