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About Tom Gillaspie

RE-Construction Specialist

I’ve been a contractor since I was about 10 years old.

Well, not really, but I used to pretend I was when I was following my Dad, a contractor and master craftsman, around his work sites.

Although all 11 of us kids helped Dad from time to time, I was the only one who really caught the building bug. I was entranced by how he could take a bunch of raw materials and someone else’s idea, and turn it all into something beautiful and functional. From the huge commercial jobs — like hospitals and government buildings — to the sprawling ranch homes in the country, I just wanted to know “how do you do that?”

I learned a great deal from my Dad. And we got to bring it full circle after Parkinson’s Disease forced him into semi-retirement and he came to work for me. We built several projects together while I was still contracting new construction. In fact, one of the sweetest moments of my life will always be hearing him tell me that I’d managed to teach him a few tricks.

I learned a lot from other people too – working with some of the finest builders and craftsmen around. I helped build luxury homes on the courses of Hallbrook and Alvamar, working alongside of people who had been building houses longer than I had been alive.

While new construction is exciting, it’s the RE-construction — the creation of new design and function in an existing space — that really lights my fire!

I enjoy the opportunity to partner with people who want to reclaim their ability to enjoy their home, to help them create spaces that fit their life as it is now. Maybe they’ve added a child, or a pet. Maybe they’re caring for an older family member, maybe they’re looking ahead to a time when they need a little more physical support than their current home design provides.

That is my focus today – to help you reconstruct spaces in your home, inside or out-of-doors – that aren’t serving you well. Maybe it isn’t pleasing to your eye, maybe it isn’t comfortable for your lifestyle. Maybe you don’t know what needs to be done, but you know it isn’t working for you now.

Often the solution is easier, and more ideal, than you can imagine. Helping you imagine the possibilities is part of my job.

And once we’ve imagined what you really want, what will turn that space into true living space, my job is create it.

Get in Touch With Tom

phone: 314.973.6170     email: tomgx2@gmail.com